If you are a claimant seeking damages, there is a much better option for you than going to court. Independent Evaluation (IE) will provide you with fast, effective justice and the likelihood of receiving more in damages than you would by going through the courts.

IE is an independent dispute resolution service which enables settlement without the stress, delays and costs of the court process. We conduct independent evaluations in all areas of law, so whether your case is a high value personal injury or medical negligence claim, or a dispute relating to business, property, employment or professional negligence, you will have a better outcome than you would from the court process, no matter how complex or intractable your case may appear to be.

More money than you are likely to receive through the courts

In most cases, you are likely to be awarded a larger sum. At the very least, you will receive as much in damages as you would through the courts. The reason for this is that the defendant (ie the other side) saves a substantial amount of money by avoiding the lengthy and expensive court process. When one of our highly experienced IE evaluators assesses the damages due to you, the saving to be made by the defendant is taken into account and a portion is added to your damages.

Cases resolved and damages paid in a matter of weeks

Cases are usually settled in a few weeks or months at most, whereas the court process can often take years. Within days of your case being evaluated and settled, you will receive the whole of your damages by BACS payment.

Claimants using IE often say the real benefit of early and generous settlement is that they can put the case behind them and begin to move on with their lives.

How IE works

One of our highly experienced evaluators, who is a senior lawyer or judge with outstanding expertise in the area of law concerned, conducts an independent and unbiased evaluation of the case. He or she reviews the details and then meets with you and the other side face-to-face to conduct a one day evaluation – the equivalent of your ‘day in court’. If you prefer not to meet with the other side, the evaluation can take place using separate rooms.

The evaluator will discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your position, explain what the outcome would probably be if the case went to court, and then propose a settlement. Further discussion, led by the evaluator, helps the parties reach a resolution of all points in dispute, including the question of costs. The evaluation takes just one day – and as you will see below, it works. It is no surprise that IE is recognised by judges, barristers and solicitors all over the country as being far more effective for civil cases than any available alternative; better than mediation and better than the courts.

100% track record of success

IE has been conducting evaluations since 2012 and has a 100% record of success. So far, every evaluation has reached a successful resolution. One day our 100% record will be broken but, when you decide to use IE, you can be sure that you are likely to achieve an excellent settlement – and in much less time.

Cost free and risk free

In most cases IE is completely free for you, the claimant. The defendant pays for the evaluation, regardless of the outcome, so there is no financial risk to you at all.

The other benefit of IE is that it is non-binding. If you do not like the proposed settlement, you are free to walk away and revert to the courts instead – and it will not cost you a penny. Given that you are likely to receive more in damages than you would through the courts, and much more quickly, it is clear you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Win Win

The benefits for you, the claimant, are very clear, but we are often asked: ‘What’s in it for the other side, the defendant?’ As mentioned earlier, when defending a case through the courts, the defendant would usually have to pay a large amount in legal fees. By using IE, settling early and avoiding the costly court process, the defendant saves a considerable amount of money. Therefore it is in the defendant’s interest to use IE and settle as early as possible, even if they have to pay more in damages than they would through the courts.

Never too late to use IE

Most cases come to us at an early stage, before court proceedings are issued, but we regularly take cases that have been proceeding through the courts for years. Sometimes disputing parties come to us just before trial, rather than face an uncertain court outcome. We also conduct evaluations for Appeals, so if your case has been to trial and you are not happy with the outcome, you still might be able to use IE. Appeal cases are evaluated by one, two or three former Court of Appeal or Supreme Court judges, subject to the nature of the case.

What to do next – get in touch

If you would like to talk to us about the possibility of using IE for your case, please just get in touch. All initial advice is strictly confidential and completely free of charge.

If your solicitor has recommended that you consider Independent Evaluation as a means of resolving your case, but you are still unsure, please feel free to call us and we will answer any questions you may have.

If you have tried mediation or another form of dispute resolution, and it hasn’t worked, you can still use IE and reach an excellent settlement very quickly. Just ask your solicitor to contact us or, if you prefer, you can contact us direct and we will contact your solicitor on your behalf. Again, this is completely free of charge.

If your solicitor has not yet recommended any form of dispute resolution to you, it might be useful to remind them that all solicitors have a duty to try to resolve cases through such means as IE, rather than litigate through the courts, and that if they fail to provide full advice on this, they run the risk of incurring costs penalties imposed by the court.

We look forward to hearing from you.