Independent Evaluation (IE) is a bespoke service that is easy to access, user friendly and specifically designed to achieve the very best possible outcome for the parties in dispute. IE is more efficient, rapid and much less expensive than litigation – in some cases it is free.

IE is a combination of the best elements of British justice, comprising elements of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Early Neutral Evaluation and Facilitative Mediation, blended together by the highest calibre legal expertise with total, uncompromising integrity and innovation.

IE is ‘non-binding’: participants are free to walk away at any time if they believe there may be a better way – but no one ever has.

IE is exceptionally successful in resolving disputes optimally.

The sooner IE is engaged, the greater the potential benefits for all sides. However, it is never too late for IE, as evidenced by the fact that it is increasingly used after judgment where cases are being appealed.

IE changes the legal landscape for good.