What people say

“Of particular value in a case in which there has been a lack of trust between the parties and bridge-building is required.”

Neil Block QC

Joint Head of Chambers

39 Essex Chambers

“I recently engaged in the IE process, with Ian Ridd as the Evaluator. Both my client and myself found the process very user friendly and cost effective. I would certainly use the process again. Everyone concerned was very professional, friendly and could not have been more courteous.”

Kevin Williams


Williams & Bourne

“Legal claims between the MoD and Armed Forces personnel and families of those killed in combat should automatically be referred to Independent Evaluation (IE) for resolution.  IE not only avoids the pitfalls of traditional adversarial litigation, but it enhances the spirit of the Armed Forces Covenant. If the Government is serious about the Covenant many more claims will be resolved this way in the future.”

Hilary Meredith


Hilary Meredith Solicitors Ltd

“IE provides a valuable option to resolve claims quickly. The parties are given the opportunity to put forward their respective cases and discuss strengths and weaknesses with a thoroughly prepared and experienced Evaluator in a fair and impartial environment.”

Nick Mahoney


DAC Beachcroft

“The involvement of an independent, impartial and very experienced evaluator was invaluable. The assistance and guidance they provided from the outset enabled the parties to progress matters to a successful resolution, in a case where previous negotiations had proved very difficult.”

Peppy Marshall


Weightmans LLP

“The litigation skill set includes recognising when cases may benefit from engaging in alternative dispute resolution.  The use of Independent Evaluation is now a well-recognised ADR route.  Members of Temple Gardens appear as advocates for both claimants and defendants throughout the process.  Utilising all this expertise through this innovative and dynamic process has resulted in a high success rate of rapid, optimal settlements being achieved.” 

Simon Browne QC

Temple Gardens Chamber

“The skilfully handled evaluation enabled each party to assess the weaknesses in their own case and the strengths in the opposition’s. Settlement was achieved without the pain, both financial and emotional, of a full hearing. I am not sure my clients could have coped with the stress of a trial.”

David Edwards


Edwards Hoyle

“We have been really impressed with the efficiency of the process and the results. … all parties have real confidence in the Evaluators’ views and their predicted outcomes.  Independent Evaluation enables us to offer clients a pragmatic and cost effective alternative to lengthy litigation.”

Louise Bland



“IE is a valuable service that avoids expensive and prolonged legal proceedings. It helps us deliver on our commitment to resolve genuine reasonable claims promptly and pay claims quickly.”

Stephen King

MS Amlin

“Where traditional JSM’s had failed in a difficult and hotly disputed case, IEFS offered an innovative and leftfield approach with their evaluation service.  The involvement of an evaluator allowed us to navigate round the previous obstacles and concentrate on the elements that facilitated the eventual settlement. The process was cost effective and efficient.”

Tristan Holdom

Partner & Specialist Brain Injury Solicitor

Tollers LLP

“Settlement was achieved without the pain, both financial and emotional, of a full hearing. …Given the availability of this non-binding evaluation, why would any client choose to go to Court? I highly recommend Independent Evaluation.”

David Edwards


Edwards Hoyle

“IE is at the forefront of development for optimal dispute resolution. We believe that many more of our clients’ cases will be resolved through this type of ADR in the future.”

Ruth Graham



“Belinda Bucknall is one of the most formidable Admiralty QCs of her generation… it is difficult to find anyone better equipped to be an effective Independent Evaluator in matters relating to shipping.”

Charles Hattersley


Ashfords LLP

“This is precisely what PI practitioners and their clients have been waiting for, and it is particularly needed since all the recent changes. I have no hesitation in recommending IE to all my clients.”

Charles Atha

Senior Partner

Atha & Co.

“We are extremely impressed with the pragmatic approach that brought the parties together and resulted in a very satisfactory result – from both parties’ points of view – in what was an extremely difficult matter.”

Mark Pierce


Boyce Hatton

“Can always be relied on for meticulous attention to detail, an even-handed and transparent approach. Extremely helpful.”

Paul Mulderrig

Senior Partner


“Thank you so much for all the hard work and professionalism that you displayed while dealing with my husband’s case. We were well aware of the complexities but very much appreciated your explanation of the law, your execution throughout the day and your sincere display of empathy towards our situation.”

Claimant's wife

“There was no chance of resolving this particular case other than at trial without IE. It was definitely the right call to go to IE and Andrew Lewis QC was definitely the right man for the job.”

Douglas Adlam

Associate Solicitor

DAC Beachcroft

“I had a case in which my insurers were faced with a substantial claim … The two sides became entrenched, and the relationship between respective solicitors was not easy.  My solicitors suggested evaluation, which seemed to be accepted reluctantly by the other side.”

“Dame Janet Smith dealt with the case at IE in London.  The claim proceeded to a successful resolution when I do not think it would have settled via a conventional JSM despite the fact that personally I get on well with my opponent. I cannot say what eventually persuaded the claimant’s side, but I know that our side found the Evaluator’s input valuable.”

Alan Jeffreys QC

Catastrophic Personal Injury Specialist

Farrar’s Building

“Simon Dyer is highly skilled on the full range of medical law, and has a particular focus on cases involving complex cerebral palsy and spinal injuries.  He puts people at ease and is a phenomenal performer. Very engaging and a go-to guy for high value claims.”

Legal 500

“Incredibly bright and perceptive.  One of the few so genuinely on top of their subject and simultaneously charming.  The Judge all parties want their cases to be heard by.”

Testimonial relating to HH John Hand QC

“I have seen at first hand why Belinda Bucknall QC enjoys such a formidable reputation: she has a great eye both for detail and for the broader picture, and she grasps complex technical matters with ease.  But, most importantly, she has a very happy way with people from all walks – a natural authority as well as a natural, sympathetic, personal touch when dealing with all parties, including bereaved families in fatal accident cases.  Belinda Bucknall QC is the ideal Independent Evaluator, and I recommend her very highly.”

Nicholas Saunders


Fenners Chambers, Cambridge

“IE makes a lot of sense in either hard fought liability cases & any suitable case where there is not a simple negotiated solution. I intend to recommend more clients and insurers to IE to see if common sense prevails.”

Mark Hipkin

Hipkin & Co Solicitors

“My first experience of Independent Evaluation was an overwhelmingly positive one. My client achieved a settlement that he was very happy with many months sooner than he might have done via other ADR means. Rhiannon Jones QC did a superb job of testing the merits of the parties’ respective arguments on quantum. I will be recommending the process in future.”

Anthony Johnson


Temple Garden Chambers

“We are committed to early, cost effective dispute resolution.”

Mariel Irvine

Mariel Irvine Solicitors