Referral to IE

How to refer your case to IE

To refer your case to IE, please click here.

Or, simply call Andrew Fletcher or Johanna Haskell on 020 7129 1478.

Referral to IE

Referral to IE is very simple and can be made in any of the following ways:

  • Voluntary referral by all parties
  • Referral by one party requesting that IE contacts the other party about engaging
  • A Pre-Action Protocol letter suggesting ADR
  • The CPR, Case Management Direction or recommendation by a judge
  • The provisions of any ADR clause requiring referral to Independent Evaluation as the primary route in the parties’ agreed dispute resolution process.

Avoid the CPR 3.1 (2) (m) rule

IE is the ideal way to avoid an order under the CPR 3.1 (2) (m) rule.

The Courts now expect parties to have utilised ADR to attempt to settle their dispute before legal proceedings are commenced. If not, at the very first Costs & Case Management Conference, the Court will want to know why ADR has not been attempted and may well order the parties to attempt early neutral evaluation, pursuant to CPR 3.1(2)(m). In light of this Rule and the potential for adverse costs consequences, it is prudent for parties to utilise IE.

Avoid £10,000 issue proceedings

It is also sensible to use IE to achieve resolution before spending up to £10,000 to issue proceedings.